Sweating is one of the body's safest and most natural ways to heal itself and maintain good health. By inducing a very small temperature increase in the body, Far Infrared Sauna ("FIR") promotes a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat to enhance your body's functioning on multiple levels.

FIR provides all of the health benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous side effects. FIR uses light to create heat to elevate the surface temperature of the body, creating a milder temperature of between 120 and 150 degrees F that heat the body directly rather than the air within the enclosure. FIR travels much deeper into the body and produces a more vigorous sweat at a lower temperature.

Detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals

Promotes Muscle gain and fat loss

Provides relief from arthritis and muscle pain

Provides relief from asthma and sinus congestion

Reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels

Improves cardio performance and recovery

Induces improved sleep

Purifies skin and aids in cellulite reduction

Boosts immunity