We all lead hectic and over-scheduled lives. For that reason, we make every effort to offer a varied schedule of classes that meet your specific fitness needs and interests. We offer group classes throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule, and offer many private sessions because we know that fitness is rarely one-size-fits-all. Your physical (mental and emotional, too) health is our top priority. Let us help you make the most out of your time.

Please remember that our schedule is subject to change. 


Open to all levels, this class will deepen your understanding of the Pilates method.  Props (balls, bands, rollers, etc.) may be used to assist and also challenge.  
Not for the absolute beginner.  Some understanding of the Pilates principles is best.  An Initial Private session is strongly encouraged before joining group classes.

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Take your Pilates mat work to the next level with work on the Pilates equipment.


Our Pilates Reformers also convert to Towers where Cadillac exercises can be done. Class may focus on one or both equipment set-ups at the instructors discretion.

Mixed-Level classes are not for the absolute beginner, but with only 5 people max in the class, the instructor will program the class in a way that works for everyone.  New clients must do an Initial Private session or have instructor approval.


What is PSM? Pilates Suspension Method is meant to take your Pilates practice to the next level by adding the instability of the suspension strap. Pilates mat and equipment work can be adapted to the suspension trainer in ways you never knew were possible!


Bring your sneakers and bring water. This class will make you sweat! Class is limited to 8 people, so be sure to sign up ahead of time to reserve your strap.

Still a few spots left in TRX class toda


Taking the hottest trend in dance-inspired conditioning, ballet barre training, and using “make-sense progression” and the LeBert Equalizer to create a format suitable for every level of exerciser.  This format combines Balance, Agility, Resistance, working Recovery and Eloquence into a challenging full body workout. Our Barre instructors have varied backgrounds and bring their own unique style and training to create a dynamic class. Unlike barre classes offered at other studios, our classes are uniquely taught in neutral pelvis (instead of the traditional tucked pelvis) which is much safer for your lumbar spine.

No muscle will go untouched in this deceptively challenging, full-body workout! Complete with a unique cueing strategy designed for every level of exerciser, learn to use the Equalizers in a whole new way and add a fun effective work-out to your Pilates program!

*This class can be paid for with any Group Mat Class package.


A rigorous and athletic toning class guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Through strategic sequencing and high reps, this class will exhaust your major muscle groups and force you to recruit smaller muscle groups that are neglected in more traditional forms of exercise. Sneakers are welcome, but not required.

*This class can be paid for with any Group Mat Class package.

Pilates Work Out


Prepare your body for birth!  This class is meant to keep your body strong, yet flexible.  Stability balls, also knows as birthing balls, will be used.  Instructors are certified Pre & Post Natal Pilates Specialists certified through the prestigious The Center For Women's Fitness.  Class is open to women in all stages of pregnancy from week 1 to week 40.

*This class can be paid for with any Group Mat Class package.


Get out of your house and come to Align for about an hour, Mama!  Class will focus on realigning the postpartum body, building vital core strength and easing some tension (we hope!).  Bring your non-crawling baby and a blanket for them to rest on.  Connect with other moms and do something for yourself -- you deserve it!

*This class can be paid for with any Group Mat Class package.

Baby & Me class today.  Sweet babies and